“Exploiting the gap between ‘traditional’ and ‘indigenous’ intermediaries in matching the yield needs of global investors with the funding needs of sovereigns and corporates in Frontier Markets”

Frontera Capital is a boutique investment firm which focuses specifically on frontier markets (i.e. emerging markets that have not yet ‘graduated’ to being formally recognised as such) that has been set-up by a core team of seven highly experienced financial professionals.

Frontera Capital focuses on the standard financial intermediation role of matching the demand for yield of global asset managers with the funding needs of governments and corporates in frontier markets.

Frontera Capital specifically: 1) identifies investment opportunities, either on a bid or bespoke basis, that meet target investor clients’ diversification and yield objectives, in hard or local currency; 2) structures such investments in an easy-to-settle-and-trade Euro-clearable structure and 3) places such investments with international and regional investors, including bank syndication portfolios, institutional investors, hedge funds, pension funds and other asset managers

Frontera Capital Limited, one of the companies of Frontera Capital, is authorised and regulated by the UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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